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Premium Handcrafted Coffee

A South African coffee company specializing in Whiskey, Brandy and Marula infused coffee beans.

100% Arabica Beans

Locally roasted & ethically sourced coffee blends sourced from around the world. We love our unique blends and want you to be able to experience the full flavour of these African & South American beans.

Not Your Average Coffee®

No syrups, sugars, or chemicals are used in our infusion process. Our Brandy, Whiskey and Marula-infused coffee beans are handcrafted through a unique barrel infusion process that results in a full-bodied and more aromatic infused coffee.

Coffee With a Cause™

Our Proe’tes® Pods are certified home-compostable by “OK Compost Home”, and the whole pod (shell, coffee and lid) can be composted as a whole! We understand that each home composting environment is unique, from worm farms to bokashi bins, and that the time to biodegrade completely will fluctuate depending on these factors! Rest assured, our pods will break down into life-giving soil, and a little patience may be required.

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“The most delicious craft coffees ever! We received fantastic service from them. We highly recommend Proe’tes Coffee.”

– Rachelle Hearne

Pop-up Shop

Proe’tes™ has its own little pop-up shop ready to serve you amazing coffee at your next wedding or event! From our famous infused coffee, to cool iced teas and coffees, your guests will love Proe’tes!

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Find Us At

Purple Onion, Clarens – Pretoria Products, Pretoria

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