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Our Pods are Fully Compostable

Our Proe’tes™ Pods are certified home-compostable by “OK Compost Home”, and the whole pod (shell, coffee and lid) can be composted as a whole! We understand that each home composting environment is unique, from worm farms to bokashi bins, and that the time to biodegrade completely will fluctuate depending on these factors! Rest assured, our pods will break down into life-giving soil, and a little patience may be required.

1. Edible Ink
2. Veg paper
3. Coffee!
4. Bio-shell

Top Tips

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to ensure your pods (pouch and all) will be food for the worms in no time!

  • Our pods will break down faster in a hot composting environment
  • The compost bin should be a minimum size of 100L
  • Throw your used pods and pouch in the middle of the heap (this is where the highest temperatures will be!)
  • Keep the compost in the bin wet!
  • Turn it as often as you can, introducing fresh oxygen
  • Try your best to achieve temperatures of around 65 degrees.
  • You’ll notice the coffee and veggie lid will compost quicker than the shell!
  • Some patience is required for Nature to do her thing, but rest assured that in roughly 3 months, it will return to nutritious compost
  • Enjoy the feeling of scattering fresh soil as food for your plants!

What to put in your bin

Carbon-Rich Materials (“Browns”)

Craft Cardboard
Dry, shredded leaves
Small Chipped wood
Cardboard egg cartons
Paper towels
Toilet paper rolls
Wood ash (not coal)
Dried grass
Even 100% cotton fabric.

Nitrogen-Rich Material (“Greens”)

Vegetable trimmings
Paper tea bags (no staples)
Green leaves,
Eggshells (crushed)
Green scrub pruning’s etc.

What not to put in your bin

​Meat, bones, or other animal products (gristle, fat, skin.)
​Fish products
​​Dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc.)
​​Animal waste
​​Any kind of grease or oils

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